I’m Aaron Hertzog. I am a comedian, writer, and friend. This is where I write things now.

What Kind of Things Do You Write?

Great question. There will be a mix of humor pieces, thoughts about sports/movies/books/music, and probably some random ramblings about things I see on the internet that have probably made me mad or confused.

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For you: so that you get content that you (hopefully) enjoy, easily delivered right to you.

For me: Honestly, so that I get some sort of validation that the thoughts I have spent time writing down sort of somewhat kind of matter, and that people might like to read and hear them because they relate to them and/or enjoy what I have to say. That’s a nice idea.

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Humor writing and other thoughts and rants from comedian Aaron Hertzog. Thanks for being here I really mean it.


Aaron Hertzog

Aaron Hertzog is a stand-up comedian, writer, and silly boy currently residing in Los Angeles.